Adulting in my parent’s basement

It has taken me a while to gather my thoughts. I find that whenever I attempt to do so, my mind wanders from one thing to the next making it very difficult to keep up with. Mainly my mind wanders to the overwhelming fact that college is over. The craziest, most life-changing four years of my life have all of a sudden flashed before my eyes. It’s like I blinked and now they’re over. Now, looking at where I stand now, it feels almost as if it were a wild dream.

For those of you wondering about where exactly I stand in life, here is a quick update of the past month and a half:

  • I graduated college with a four-year degree in Communication & Journalism
  • I went back to Costa Rica for a month
  • My sister got engaged the day I got back to the States
  • I will be her maid of honor this upcoming December
  • I am signed up to run the Color Run this upcoming weekend
  • I’m about to start my full time career at Target Corp
  • I am over $60,000 in debt (which leads me to my last point)
  • I am currently living in my parent’s basement

That’s right. I’ve found myself exactly where no twenty-two year old wants to be: living in my parents basement.

Obviously, it’s not where I dreamed I would be. If I had it my way, I would have my own studio apartment just outside the city with just me and a little pet yorkie who likes to join me for long bike rides and runs, just like this:

Screen Shot 2016-07-05 at 4.06.17 PM.png

Sometimes, however, we need to be humbled and that’s exactly what I need right now. I recently have been reminded on how much I’ve been self-reliant. I easily let my goals, positions of leadership, performance in school and sports, friendships, relationships, and even spiritual disciplines define who I am and what I’m worth.

Regardless of it all, the fact of the matter is I cannot claim to have accomplished anything on my own. The Good Lord is the one who has blessed me with the opportunities placed before me. He is the one who has placed people in my life to support me when times get difficult – like right now with my $60,000 debt. Sure, if I wanted to live on my own and struggle with debt for the next ten or twenty years, there is definitely that option. But, my parent’s have graciously offered their basement up for me to stay and get back on my feet again.

SO, here I am living in my parents basement. I swallowed my pride and took them up on the offer. It’s not a shameful thing like people make it out to be. Instead it’s an incredible opportunity- something to be grateful for. I hear of all sorts of people who don’t have the blessing of a great home life to go back to or parents willing to help them get back on their feet until they can tackle their debt.

Sure, it’s hard to tell people that I’m living in my parent’s basement. However, that is my pride and I need to change my attitude to a humble and grateful one because God has been SO good to me. My goal is to pay off all my school loans within the next two years! Ambitious, I know- but I’m excited to work towards financial freedom and one day adopting a cute little yorkie 🙂 Meanwhile, I’ll continue to dream big and be thankful!




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