Where You Are

I’ve been gone for about a month now and I’m beginning to realize that I’m missing things that I didn’t think I would miss. I didn’t think I would say this but, I miss Bethel. Last semester was a struggle and I spent more time complaining and wishing that the semester would end. I couldn’t wait for my adventure abroad to begin rather than appreciating and counting all the blessings I had around me. Back at Bethel we always boast about the great community that we have and after awhile it got old.

What’s so great about Bethel anyway? We all boast about being so into our faith, yet each and every day we keep making the same mistakes. I got so sick of going to vespers (which is our worship service each sunday night) because I felt like it was all just so phony. Why are we here? Are we even worshipping God? Do we even mean these words that we’re singing? Why do we come back every week and sing the same songs? We know we’re not going to be any different and for most of us we’re not going to change our lives or how we live. We’re just going to keep messing up. It all felt so fake.

I’ve realized that that’s just life. We ARE sinners and that’s why we need to worship.

I’ve realized just how badly I am craving to worship God with people who have a faith and I miss having relationships with people who understand where I’m coming from. I never appreciated what I had and here I am now, realizing all that I have back home. But hey, look at this awesome opportunity that I’m living in right now. I am surrounded by people who may or may not even know the Lord. I know for a fact that one of the girls I’m living with doesn’t know Jesus and that’s a great opportunity.

So if there’s one thing I’ve realized so far, you need to learn to appreciate where you are.

Rather than spending my time here dwelling on the people back home that I miss, my hope and prayer is that I’ll be able to use the time I have here to make awesome friendships and maybe even share my faith with those who need it.


I would love to hear your thoughts, comments, or questions!

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