My Mind is Not Here

In twelve days I’m moving out! In less than 2 months, I’m leaving the States! Not that I’m keeping track or anything, but anyway I guess you can say I’m somewhat looking forward to it.

Do you ever find yourself looking forward to something so much, that it makes it hard for you to enjoy where you’re at? This semester has been challenging in just about every possible way. Most of the semester was spent thinking about what is coming next: a four-month adventure living in Costa Rica! I literally haven’t stopped thinking about this trip and I still haven’t fully registered in my head the fact that I am Actually leaving!

At the same time, it’s hard to “be here” in a sense that all I keep thinking about is what’s coming. I keep looking forward to studying abroad and I forget that while I’m so focused on what is to come, I’m missing today! It’s like my mind is not here. I don’t really think about how hard it’s going to be when I leave all of my friends and family. So, Instead of trying to think about how much I want to leave I really need to shift my thinking to how much I appreciate here. It’s important to take the time to look around and enjoy where we are at.

Yes, God has a future and a plan for the future (Jeremiah 29:11), but he also has a plan for today (Psalm 118:24) and He wants it to be lived to the fullest!


I would love to hear your thoughts, comments, or questions!

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